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Winfast PVR 2000 XP, Windows 7 x64

Is there a driver available for this?  I tried the 32bit Vista driver that I had but it did not work.  I know its an older card that should be replaced probably.  I just want to watch TV not use Media Center or anything.  I am not that technical (enough to be deadly to myself) so if it could be broken down for me, I would appreciate it.  Thanks!


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Re: Winfast PVR 2000 XP, Windows 7 x64

There is PVR2000.
There is TV2000 XP Global.
There is TV2000 XP Expert.
There is TV2000 XP Deluxe.
There is TV2000 XP FM.
There is TV2000 XP RM.
There is no "PVR 2000 XP".
There is no 64-bit driver for PVR2000.
Also, there is no 64-bit driver for TV2000 XP RM/FM/Deluxe. … upport.gif

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