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TV card the right way to go? USB or PC card?

Just got a PS2, and I am wondering if there's any reasonable way for me to utilize my laptop screen to play it in my room. I have a somewhat small room and not much space for a TV (I guess I could fit one on my desk but then I'd have no place for my computer...)
and my roommate likes to use the TV a lot so I don't like to go out to the living room and play too much because whenever my roomy or somebody else is home, the TV is ALWAYS being used by someone other than myself.
Plus if I go back to the US (well I don't plan on it at the moment...) then I have to ditch the TV if I do get one. Which is a huge pain in the neck in Tokyo.
Don't know how prices are on small TVs here but I can get a TV tuner for around 100 bucks (either one that will go into my laptop's PC card slot, or a USB device is ok)
But I was wondering if this works well enough for it to be worth it?
My computer isn't one of these over 2GHz things.. I think it's closer to 1.6 but I hear that doesn't matter much? I have 384 megs of ram at the moment.  TV tuner ok?
Also I used to hear a lot of stuff about USB being too slow for good audio and video applications but lately I'm hearing the lag is becoming small enough that it doesn't make a noticeable difference. Or would a PC card be a safer way to go in that respect?


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Re: TV card the right way to go? USB or PC card?

I'll answer my own question here and say that I picked up a Buffalo PCast card bus TV capture device and it works just fine. (This device is IDENTICAL to the AverTV Cardbus device, just with a different label on it and stuff, so I suspect they're manufactured in the same factory in Taiwan and the companies just get them from the factory and add their own labeling and device driver identities and all that good stuff)

There isn't a delay big enough to ruin the video game experience.
One thing that does happen is a slight blur which I suspect may have something to do either with the properties of the LCD itself, or the framerate discrepancy between the PS2's video signal and the capture rate of the card.
Just a small trade off and it still makes it worth it to have both my PS2 and computer sitting on the desk together and I can plug it in and use this screen whenever I want to play by myself without bothering my roomy.


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Re: TV card the right way to go? USB or PC card?

The blur is likely caused somewhere in the video rendering process, before it reaches your display.  I would guess that you would see the same thing if you plugged your laptop into a standard external monitor.  Is there anyway that you can try this for us?  We had some questions about that here before....



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