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PCI Security capture card issue

I have a capture card that has 4 rca inputs 1 rca output. The only markings I see are PCB14004 s/n PV563918
It has the conexant 879A chipset.
I use I-view communications software to view all 4 cctv cams attached to the card. the software is AS-6.321 found here
The problem is that cannot connect to my PC from the internet without using AS: Freeview version 5.30 to connect to the software using TCPIP.
I want to use Web casting software like pelesoft netsnap to publish the 4 cams. The problem is that this software  only shows 1 camera when selecting the input cannot select the other three cams. Apparently the software that came with this card is proprietary to allow it to decode all 4 channels.
Is there any other way to decode these channels?[/img]


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