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Super Digital Video glaring series drivers

hi, i broke my driver cd that came with this product, so i searched all over google, every
forum, every driver websites, every brand, everything, and i cannot found a suitable driver
for this tv box

the box itself says, SUPER DIGITAL VIDEO glaring series, on the side of the box says PAL B/G (check, i live in portugal where tv is pal) and USB2.0 TV BOX,

on the actual tv box says pretty mutch the same, USB2.0 TV BOX on the top and
SUPER USB 2.0 TV BOX and again SUPER DIGITAL VIDEO on the bottom

so i opened up the plastic case and found 3 chips readable

the 1st one reads: SAA7113H PHILIPS --downside
the 2nd one reads: TDA9801T PHILIPS-- topside, inside the litle shielded case
the last one reads: DC1120-ELOP -- downside

so i searched again for those chips, and i found nothing, the SAA7113H PHILIPS i belive is the actual tunner but  found nothing!

so i ask if someone knows something i dont, or at least have the same card and can email me the drivers i will be very thankfull and very gratefull

thanks in advance!


||||EDIT|||| i discovered now that in the shield metal top cover says : TNF 9535-B/IF
                 for me is nothing again, but it can help someone of you!

thanks again

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