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#1 Thu 19th Nov 09 11:44

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compro M5F remote unusable

Hi all,

I bought the Compro M5F TV Tuner + Remote Control (included). The TV Tuner is as i had expected...the Remote unusable.

When pressing any button on the remote it waits for ever to execute, if it does execute at all.

For example: pressing channel up takes 5-10 seconds to work (when it works) other times it doesn't work at all and have to keep pressing the button until it takes the command.

This makes the remote unusable.

Anyone else got this problem in the past and found a solution ?

(tried it on Vista & Win7, both 64 bit)


#2 Fri 9th Jul 10 02:01

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Re: compro M5F remote unusable

try installing dtv and latest driver 1.3.9 even though it is not reccommended by compro for the card. i had a similar remote related problem. hope it helps.
btw, how is your level of quality on win 7 x64. im having issues.


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