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Avermedia Can't Find Tuner Card - Vista, Avertv 303P M156

Dear All,

I've had my AverTV 303P (M156) card working fine in an XP machine. This machine has died so I've now got a Vista box.

I plugged the card in and turned on, the card was found and a driver installed. I downloaded the latest Avermedia and installed that (including driver although this was for an M126).
The driver according to hardware manager is working and is still for the M156 which appears correct to me.

Avermedia runs but when I click on anything I get the message "can't find avermedia tv tuner cards" sad

Can anyone point me to a solution, please?
I've Googled for this message, looked in Aver's FAQs and so on and nothing seems to apply to this case,

Colin Smith


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