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FlyTV Prime 30/30FM PCI card problem on XP with INTEL Core 2 Duo


The card was working on old PC (3.0 GHz Pentium 4).  I swopped the motherboard and added an E6600 CPU with a Westchester Intel mboard and Sparkle GEFORCE 8600GT card.

Memory leak problem occurred and I've tried to use the new TVR application (TVR and drivers (  BUT, when using the TVR application the onscreen items are labelled with weird characters, for example: TVAir = Àíòåííà. These settings are seen in all the Panel configuration settings files.

The PC crashes with a blue screen when you reboot after installing files.

During startup of the TVR programme this error appear continuously: error 80040212: cannot run preview graph.  Looks like memory leak problem won't go away with the new app and drivers.  I'm suing the same version of Windows XP Home (service pack 2 is included) and Direct X v 9.0c

Any ideas?




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